Equine CranioSacral Therapy in New Mexico

Hard to believe that it’s been three months already since I took the EcoSomatics Equine class in Truth or Consequences/NM. There was a lot of first-class information to absorb, especially about the anatomy of the horse. Everything from bones to joints to ligaments to fascia. The bones of the cranial vault, the hyoid apparatus, TMJ, the scapula, vertebrae and intertransverse joints. Diaphragm and cranial base releases, ligamentum nuchae, supraspinous ligament and sacrosciatic ligament. Tuber coxae, glutes, omotransversarius. What happens when certain muscles are under- or overdeveloped due to bad riding habits, and so much more. It was great to see the changes in the ranch horses that were being worked on by the practitioners during class, how teamwork can really … Continue reading

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Dolphin-Assisted Therapy in the Bahamas

About a week ago I got back from a course in the Bahamas:BioAquatic Exploration, SomatoEmotional Release. Only a small group of 12 students is allowed to participate in the class in order for everyone to get as much out of it as possible.We had a great teacher and assistant to support us. The classroom part of the course was held at a resort on the island of Grand Bahama. On the first day we took a boat to meet with the dolphins and their trainers. Everybody got to swim with a dolphin and do fun stuff with them. At the end everybody got a hug from one dolphin and a kiss from another, it was amazing. I got an extra … Continue reading

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Horses And Craniosacral Therapy

Working with animals is very rewarding, because they don’t question or doubt if it is working. You can really tell by their body language that something good is happening. A deep breath, a sigh, lowering their head, gut sounds, or just relaxing are all signs of releases. Highstrung horses usually calm down fairly quickly once they realize that you are there to help them. The philosophy of CranioSacral is to work with the body, not against it. A light touch with my hands is applied to start with and then the hores’s body will tell me where to go and how much pressure it needs. There is a connection with their body, it feels like my hands are being pulled … Continue reading

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SomatoEmotional Release And Beyond

This morning I woke up with a headache and feeling very frustrated, because things didn’t seem to be moving the way I’d like them to. After trying some craniosacral on my head without any success I went on with my day, still very frustrated. Finally I made it to my coffee break and started reading a book when the thought popped into my head that I could practise working on the soft tissues in my mouth which I had recently read about in the book SomatoEmotional  Release And Beyond (required reading for the next course I will be taking). As soon as I started working inside my mouth my breathing changed and I was taking very deep, slow breaths. This … Continue reading

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Doing Your Own Thing

If I had listened to others’ advice (the prophets of doom, controllers and worriers) my whole life I would not be here right now. I would probably be working at some factory in Germany, bored to death, and waiting for my next holiday. Feeling stuffed into a corner and not really being able to let others see who I really am. Most likely I would have never had a dog, worked with horses, lived in the middle of nowhere, or even be in Canada. Neither would I be playing standup-bass, running ultra marathons, running in K-country with dogs and all the wild animals, meditating, channeling, doing craniosacral, writing a blog, or meeting all these people who actually seem to get … Continue reading

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Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to work out? No matter what you do you aren’t getting anywhere? Everything you touch goes awry? You feel totally alone and unsupported, like someone is pulling the rug out under your feet? Like when your toaster oven dies and all you got is frozen bread. In craniosacral we take the body into the direction it wants to go first, e.g. the direction of ease. Then we just stay there and wait for it to go a little further, and after that we take it back into the direction of restriction, and usually it will have released enough to go further that way, too. Sometimes the direction of ease … Continue reading

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The Roots Of Sadness

Last week I had a cranial session with a friend and she detected a huge amount of sadness and grief, the words that came up were “heart stuck in throat”. I told her that that says it all and I know the sadness is always there, but I can’t even remember a time when it wasn’t there. That really got me thinking, because for quite a while I’ve been wanting to know where all of this started. Different aspects/layers of it have come up during several sessions and during daily life. The most recent incident and first to come up was my best friend ditching me and telling me to leave her alone without telling me why and just leaving … Continue reading

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Follow That Dream

My story with craniosacral therapy started almost 10 years ago. I was working at a stable southwest of Calgary/AB when an osteopath from Holland started to come over and treat the horses once or twice a year. It was amazing to watch him and to see the results and the reaction of the animals. I learned that some of what he was doing was actually craniosacral. Back then I didn’t know anything about it or exactly how it worked. A couple of years went by and I had to have a lot of dental work done which led to a lot of pain in my mouth and jaw. Craniosacral was one modality that I tried. I had treatments from different … Continue reading

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What’s In A Picture?

You may be wondering what the picture of a dog on top of the page has to do with craniosacral therapy??? A lot… The first time I met Roxy the Collie was almost a year ago. My faithful Belgian Shepherd Jesse had just died the previous month. Margit who I had met through my work at Liberty Stables was doing a hot rock massage on me in her little cabin that she had just set up for this. I did not know she had a Collie and was delighted to see her. After the treatment, as I was ready to leave, I touched Roxy, looked into her eyes, felt her energy and gentleness and knew right away there was something … Continue reading

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The Avenue Of Expression

For quite a while I have been looking for a way to express myself when no-one is available or willing to listen for more than a minute or two, or to go into any depth about anything. Way too many things kept piling up in the archives of my brain and body without ever being heard, except by maybe my dog or a horse. Once in a while one of these files would be pulled out just to scratch the surface and then disappear again for who knows how long. Getting more and more frustrated I started thinking about the possibility of a blog. Months later I am finally embarking on this new adventure, due to two incidents happening during … Continue reading

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